Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Voting Matters?

The underlying purpose of holding forums is to encourage people to meet regularly to discuss the issues that affect all Australians.  We believe that true understanding can only come from the free exchange of information and ideas with other interested voters.  In particular, the information should be provided by knowledgeable experts rather than exclusively by politicians who may have hidden motives.

Who funds Voting Matters?

Voting Matters has no source of funding as it is not necessary.  Unpaid volunteers willingly contribute their skills to hold regular events and the venues are provided cost and obligation free. Presenters are not paid.  However, we gratefully accept a gold coin donation at meetings from those who are able to contribute.  The small amount raised is adequate to cover our modest overheads such as insurance and printing costs.

Why doesn’t Voting Matters charge an entry fee?

At Voting Matters we are dedicated to providing political education and information to ALL potential voters, including the impoverished. Every eligible voter over 18 has the right to be informed about politics so knowledge should be freely available.

How can Voting Matters expand its meeting network without funding?

Any new branches can be formed in exactly the same way that the established branches have been set up i.e. with willing volunteers and supportive owners of venues.  Logistical assistance will be provided by the original Voting Matters team. We believe that the communities will embrace our ethos of complete independence from any outside influence.

Which side of politics does Voting Matters support?

Voting Matters is on the side of the Australian people.  We invite speakers from multiple organizations to share their information and ideas with our audience.  Some have tried to demand control over who would be sharing the platform with them but we do not accept any interference in our guest lists.  Our egalitarian approach to political input is a hallmark feature of our associations.

Are there any organizations which would not be welcome at Voting Matters’ forums?

No, none.  We are staunch defenders of the rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association.  There is no cancel culture at our meetings. 

Are there any organizations which reject invitations from Voting Matters’ forums?

Some individuals in political organizations refuse to work with us as they do not accept our willingness to hear from all political perspectives.  They mistakenly attempt to label us as having a particular philosophy. We have been snubbed by all sides of politics on occasion so we cannot be accused of any bias.  Our response is to ask them again and graciously listen if they choose to join us at future meetings.